Learn to Set Goals & New Year Resolutions and Successfully Keeping & Achieving Them in 2023 in Just 2-Days with the
Silva Method

A 2-days personal development programme that you will learn the specific life skills to master the power of the subconscious mind to achieve your goals in life.

It is the time of the year again when everyone welcomes the new year with new resolutions and new goals. 

Be it weight loss, new career growth or seeking further financial stability – we all know many of us do not hold on to them long enough. 

Studies have shown that close to 70% of people who have set new year goals and resolutions dropped out by 4th week of January. 

This need not be the case.

With Silva Method, you will uncover the secrets of the human mind and how it functions. You will learn why we keep falling back to our old habits and the same obstacles keep preventing us from achieving most of our planned goals. 

After the 2-days workshop, you will be able to learn the techniques discovered by Jose Silva to program yourself into achieving all the goals that you have set. 

Come join us in this 2 days workshop to achieve what you want in 2023

Module 1

Your Awesome Brain and Mind

  1. The fundamental laws of Brain & Mind.
  2. The mind's role in Stress Management.
  3. Free up your mental energy to handle challenges easily.
  4. Sleep & Rest: The impact of sleep on alertness & performance.
  5. Quick Stress Release Control.
  6. The Power of Alpha Functioning - a state of mental calm and relaxation.

Module 2

Defining Mindset Paradigm

  1. Understand the Language of the Brain.
  2. To harness the power of human mind.
  3. Challenge & influence your mental frames.
  4. Identify & overcome persistent barriers to work performance.
  5. Adapt & thrive on changes - be able to work smarter & better.
  6. Adopt a peak performer's mindset.

Module 3

Empowerment Effectiveness

    1. Define habit & its role in performance.
    How to :
    1. Empower habits of excellence & effectiveness for peak performance.
    2. Enhance personal power.
    3. Eliminate self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.
    4. Gain necessary security to embrace changes effortlessly.
    5. Integrate habits of excellence & effectiveness.

Module 4

Goal Setting

  1. Gain clearer vision on what you need most.
  2. Value of Goal Setting.
  3. Learn to be more focused.
  4. Harness the power of Visualization and Imagination.
  5. The Mind's role in Goal Setting.
  6. Preparing your mental framework to recognize performance opportunities.
  7. Goal setting in action.

Module 5

Unleash Your Power of Creativity

  1. Creative Problem Solving Techniques.
  2. Mental Imagery for Problem Solving.
  3. Principles of Memory Development & Enhancement.
  4. Triggering mechanisms & problem solving techniques.

What you will learn

Benefit as an Individual

This program is for

About Silva Method

It was discovered and founded by Jose Silva who initially intended to help his children to do better in their education. Over the years of his experiment – many scientists and researchers have collaborated and endorsed the work of Jose Silva. 

For over 50 years the Silva Method has touched millions of lives in more than 100 countries. The techniques and methodology that was taught are used by corporate CEOs to Hollywood celebrities to individuals who want to achieve breakthroughs in their personal development. 

With the world moving towards a more noisy, stressful and bustling – the Silva Method is being more relevant and essential to our daily lives, including the youth – To me, it is a life skill that everyone should possess to lead a successful and happy life.

Why Silva Method

Scientifically proven

Track record of 5 decades and 6 million past students

Large support community

Lifetime membership

Money-back guarantee

About the instructor

William has been working with MNCs and dealing with big brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Google and Alibaba. In his career journey, he has been exposed to many trainings and it is from those trainings that inspired him to become a certified trainer.

It was an NLP training that first ignited his interest in the subconscious mind that eventually led William to know about the Silva Method. After the discovery and mastering the Silva Method, he believes that this is that one skill every individual should possess to take control of their mind to lead a fulfilled life.

William also feels that this is the very life skill that we are not learning from our education system. He then now embarks on his next mission as a certified Silva Method instructor to teach and share with more people this essential life skill that he has acquired so that they too can lead a successful, healthy and happy life. 

The Silva Method Programme was also attended by

Come join us in this 2 days workshop to achieve what you want in 2023

What our students say

Video Testimonials

Jack Canfield
America’s Success Coach and Co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series

Ken Coscia
Certified Silva Success Coach
Certified Silva Method Instructor

Athena Pang
Silva Graduate

Kain Samiya
Certified Silva Method Instructor

Nazlan Baharudin, Architect

Ho Soo Aun
Silva Graduate

Steve Setera
Silva Graduate

Tan Sri Dr Raja Ahmad Noordin
Former Director-General of Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Dato Sheikh Mustapha Shukor
Silva Graduate

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