Activate Your Child’s Genius Potential in just 2 days in this coming school holiday

Directing the energy and potential to the right track
For Age 12-17

School holidays are around the corner.
What is your child going to be spending time on?

Is your child struggling academically?
Addicted to social media
Unable to focus and lack of attention or interest
Unsure of his or her interest
And you are concern of their ambition
Are they stressed?
And with suffering from peer pressure?
All these are parts and parcel of growing up.

As parents we may have gone through some of them.

If you answer a yes to any of the above, this 2 days holiday workshop can help your child.

This workshop will teach them a whole new skill and perspective to life that is never been taught.

It is similar to sending them for swimming lessons and teaching them riding a bike.

This 2 days workshop will teach them how our mind works.
How our self-talk are influencing us and our success.

Words that we often tell ourselves, “.... another piece of cookie wouldn’t hurt” “.....maybe just 1 more episode of the netflix drama before I resume my study” and many more.

All these are our mind at work, our subconscious mind.

This 2 days workshop will now teach the awareness of the function of the subconscious mind and taking back control.

Introducing the Silva Method -
Silva Life System

The Silva Method will empower them with the awareness of the external influences to our mind and how to refocus back to the internal self.

Empowering our children with the ability for self-discovery and the own desired version of their life, a life by their own design, goals they want to achieve and eventually manifesting them.

This program is organised by

A Regional office of Silva Method International

Let’s give them this skill that will empower them to take charge of their life.

The Silva Method was founded and discovered by Jose Silva, a former radio engineer with the US Signals Corps during WWII, who had a great interest in psychology. His initial research on the subject was to help his children to improve in their education and concentration.

A decade later, Jose’s children have better focus, memory and well-developed intuition. It was then the Silva Method programme began and was taught throughout the United States and eventually around the world.

The Silva Method teaches students to access the alpha level state of mind, where at this state the brain frequency is slower and one will be in a very relaxed state of mind which helps promote visualisation, concentration, manifestation, creativity and intuition.

This technique has helped people to gain massive mental control, where the mind and thoughts are channeled towards positivity and productive goals. It is this same technique that helps people to overcome mental and physical challenges in life.

YES! You read correctly, the Silva Method has been tested and proven scientifically

What will the students learn

  1. Stress control & mental health management
  2. Master the art & science of relaxation to reduce stress easily anytime anywhere.
  3. Learn dynamic Alpha Brain-Mind functioning
  4. Better quality sleep.
  5. Staying revitalized & reenergized.
  6. Managing headache & migraines.
  7. Accelerate physical and emotional healing.
  8. Improve immune system.

Success conditioning

Certificate of Attendance by Silva International

Upon completion will be awarded the Silva Method - Silva Life System - lifetime membership that allows the participants to attend refresher classes at any scheduled Silva Life System classes anywhere in the world with other instructors for a nominal fee. Currently in Malaysia the refresher class is RM330

About the Instructor

I am Wiliam, an entrepreneur, trainer, and coach, who has established a successful marketing agency and training company. My passion is to teach and share knowledge and skills that I have acquired throughout my career journey.

It was attending the Silva Method, I discovered the power of the subconscious mind, which enabled me to take back control of my life and strive for the future I desire. This inspired me to become a certified Silva Method instructor to share this skill and knowledge with others, so that they too can be empowered and live a life of their own desire and design.

Some of the past famous graduate of the Silva Method program

Bob Proctor

Louise Hay

Bruce Lipton

Jack Canfield

Deepak Chopra

T Harv Eker

Sheikh Mustapha Shukor

Including our Malaysian first astronaut

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Testimonials of the Silva Method

Dato Sheikh Mustapha Shukor
Silva Graduate

Tan Sri Dr Raja Ahmad Noordin
Former Director-General of Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Silva Method Youth Graduate in Australia

Nazlan Baharudin 

Ho Soo Aun
Silva Graduate

Our venue chosen is safe and comprehensive too!

(Note: The organiser reserves the right to change the venue or date of the workshop as they deemed fit)

Lunch & Refreshments are INCLUDED

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Silva Life System for Youth - 16th & 17th December 2023 (9am to 5pm) Masco Co-workspace, Penang  × 1 RM1,900.00

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Silva Life System for Youth - 16th & 17th December 2023 (9am to 5pm) Masco Co-workspace, Penang (Copy) (#2856)
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Silva Life System for Youth - 16th & 17th December 2023 (9am to 5pm) Masco Co-workspace, Penang  × 1 RM1,900.00

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