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Learn a Relaxation Technique to Manage Stress Anytime Anywhere

Are you stressed?


Stress is part and parcel of life. However, if stress is prolonged or triggered on a long- term basis, it will affect the individual’s personal life, work productivity and even health.

Studies have shown that higher stress scores among the workforce are correlated to lower productivity and this means ineffectiveness in the overall organisation.

As for individual health, stress is also positively related to the health issues like headaches, migraine, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Hence stress should not be a concern of the individual themselves but also the organisation. For organisations to perform better, they need to ensure that their people have proper stress management and overall wellness to perform their job.

This is one program that organisations can adopt for their employees so they get to acknowledge and understand what is stress and how they can apply the techniques that they will learn in this program to manage stress at any time, anywhere.


Learning Outcome

Course Outline

Are you stressed?
Stress comes in many forms, some individuals are immediately aware of their current stress levels but some may claim that they are not stressed. This module is to identify their current stress level

What is stress?
Overview of stress and its effects

Identifying the symptoms and triggers of stress
How to identify some of the symptoms of stress from the aspects of emotions, concentration and productivity.

This module will also provide a guide and understanding of some of the triggers of stress
The long-term effects of unmanaged stress
To reinforce that stress shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly. This module introduces some of the data on the long-term effects of unmanaged stress on individuals’ health, and personal and professional life.

The importance of acknowledging stress
An exercise to acknowledge stress as it builds up at any given time.

Introduction of a relaxation technique – breathing exercise and mental relaxation technique
Participants will learn a relaxation technique that will include breathing exercises and mental relaxation where individuals are able to practice anytime anywhere when he or she feels stressed

100% HRDC Claimable

for both in-house and public program

About the instructor

William has been working with MNCs and dealing with big brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Google and Alibaba. In his career journey, he has been exposed to many trainings and it is from those trainings that inspired him to become a certified trainer.

It was an NLP training that first ignited his interest in the subconscious mind that eventually led William to know about the Silva Method. After the discovery and mastering the Silva Method, he believes that this is that one skill every individual should possess to take control of their mind to lead a fulfilled life.

William also feels that this is the very life skill that we are not learning from our education system. He then now embarks on his next mission as a certified Silva Method instructor to teach and share with more people this essential life skill that he has acquired so that they too can lead a successful, healthy and happy life. 

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This program is 100% HRDC claimable

Learn a Relaxation Technique to Manage Stress Anytime Anywhere

Upcoming Programmes

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This program is 100% HRDC claimable

Learn a Relaxation Technique to Manage Stress Anytime Anywhere

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